Our Staff

Sir Mud the Hairless
job: POEE Priest
email: sir_mud_the_hairless
Deacon Waxlian Fur
job: POEE Deacon
Mondo: Bringus, throw me up a mop covered in duct tape, we've got a loose bowled monkey over here.
email: waxlian_fur@yahoo.com

Un hombre tiene un mono, otro tiene un chimpancé, pero todo juntos ellos son el mismo, para sus plátanos son ambos débil.

A man has a monkey, another one has a chimpanzee, but all together they are the same one, for both their bananas are limp.

Cunning Sex Deviant Deacon Omega Rainly Nuclear Flower
job: POEE Deaconess/Sex Deviant
email: omega_rainly_nuclear_flower@yahoo.com